101 Ebay Seller Secrets Revealed by Campbell T

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All you have to do is make sure they'll want it, show them the benefit of having it, and simply ask them to buy. com It's just like when you go to McDonalds and order just a burger and the cashier asks if you'd like fries and a coke. You thought you just wanted a burger but you end up with the fries and drink because you really wanted that tooYou won't always be in the position to offer up-sell product starting, but as you get more experienced you will see some obvious opportunities; if you're selling information it will be easy to create good complementary products that your customer will want.

The rule is: You can't provide a link to your website where you are selling the product for the same price or less. Be sure you don't break any rules to avoid having your auction pulled. A website can serve many purposes. Use it well and it will catapult your auction efforts ahead of everyone else. I once sold a particular item on eBay and had a link to my website where the person could order directly from me by secure server. I easily picked up an extra $150 a week by just including a link on my auction page to my website.

Look past the initial saleNow you know why selecting a niche is so crucial. Pick a niche market and you're in a superior position to know your customer and to anticipate what they will want. Stamp collectors are interested in stamp stuff; Video game players are crazy about video games. Consider the lifetime worth of your customer and leave everyone that doesn't in the dust. AuctionTip #95: Mister Lister, Who's That? EBay offers the program called Mister Lister that will save you hours of listing time every day- it's real helpful if you have lots of the same items.

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