2-dimensionale differenzierbare projektive Ebenen by Betten D.

By Betten D.

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It may be noted once again that this reference to Demetrios' siege of Athens corresponds closely with Plutarch's account of the same events: "He attacked them in a rage and threw a severe siege about the city" (Demetr. 2). Because of his efforts to break the siege, Kallias is praised for his bravery in combat, which gave no regard to his personal safety, but only to the deliverance of the Demos (lines 31-32). The ringing phrase of our text strikes a familiar note which recurs often in the honorific decrees of the nationalist government.

I. Rostovtzeff,SEHHW I, p. 168. 4; and the successfulembassyof Phaidrosof Sphettosto Ptolemy Soter for grain and money between 294 and 288, IG 112, 682, lines 28-30. 54From Spartokos:IG II2, 653, lines 23-24; from Audoleon: IG II2, 654, lines 25-29. ]ev 8e KLat [eS -r7'v] EKKOp18)V roV atrov [ciA]oTLqo[Tara TaOrTE] rTv TaXu'-T7)V avTov [7rap]a7[Ef0b6vaL Tr]CO87)4LtWo. 3. 56 Another document of this period (Hesperia30, 1961, p. 211, no. 6) also made referenceto the need for recoveringthe Peiraieus and clearly used phraseologysimilar to that quoted here, but the text is too fragmentaryto reconstruct.

V: .... [v]arEpov [urovS '6X0U]Tovs aTa[A]vetv MaKe[dovas]cs T[O]TrE7J'Evitov ypac[et], G. Arrighetti, Epicuro Opere, Turin 1960, p. 425, no. 103. 3. The date in 281/0 depends on a combinationof evidence. 12). A terminuspost quemis provided by the fate of Mithres, Lysimachos'minister of finance (see G. s. 5, 1927, pp. 491-500). A letter of Epikouros(P. Herc. 1418, col. XXXIII: C. Diano, Letteredi Epicuro,Florence 1946, p. 19, no. XIV= Arrighetti,Epicuro,p. 387, no. 42) reportsthat Mithres,havingbeen capturedat Corinthby Krateros, was being held prisonerfor ransomin the Peiraieusat the time of writing.

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