A blend of methods of recursion theory and topology: A П 0^1 by Kalantari I., Welch L.

By Kalantari I., Welch L.

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The refleation in the line a or the point A, respectively. Let F(a) denote the set of fixed points of the motion induced by a: Pta) : tx E P: Xa = X}. d is called the fourth reflection line to a,b,a, if aba = = d. ar to b (We denote this line by (A,b)); (2) Three lines which have a common perpendiaular have a fourth reflection line; (3) If A,c are incident, then Aa is a line (This implies the special case of (Sp)); (4) There are two orthogonal lines. A pair (C,S) which has all these properties shall be called a perpendicularity group.

Math. (Basel), 17 (1966), 89-93. F. Buekenhout, Etude intrinseque des ovales, Rend. , (5) 25 (1966), 333393. F. Buekenhout, Ovals et ovales projetifs, Rend. Naz. Linaei, (8) 40 (1966), 46-49. F. Buekenhout, Characterizations of Semi Quadrics, A Survey, in Atti dei Convegni Linaei, 17, vol. I, (1976),393-421. G. Conti, Pi ani proiettivi dotati di una ovale pascaliana, Boll. UMI, (4) 11 (1975), 143-153. G. Faina, Sul doppio cappio associato ad un ovale, BoZZ. UMI, (5) 15-A (1978), 440-443. E. Hofman, Specializations of Pascal's theorem on an oval, J.

Automorphism in K). lJ k c c -1 k' k' k -1. e. 1 ) If P F 2 (whence oK = pr by lemma 3), then k21 F k21 by lemma 4. ) = (k . )a. Since a E Z(H) (lemma 5) we have 2 Y2 lJ 2 lJ 2 ((k .. ) )Y = ((k .. ) = (k .. )a(k . )a = (k .. ) • Thus Y should fix the nonlJ lJ lJ 2 lJ lJ lJ -1 identical collineation (k ij ) of K. 2) If x~ 1 4 E d .. xe. are the equations that define the collineation = j=l lJ J v of N, we C. Bart%ne 46 may set d .. = 0 for i < j (see remark 2). N lJ U = U and L(N) i > j. 2), we notice that d ..

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