A Companion to the Ancient Greek Language (Blackwell by Egbert J. Bakker

By Egbert J. Bakker

A finished account of the language of old Greek civilization in one quantity, with contributions from prime overseas students protecting the historic, geographical, sociolinguistic, and literary views of the language. a suite of 36 unique essays through a group of overseas scholarsTreats the survival and transmission of historical GreekIncludes discussions on phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics

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Sofia Torallas Tovar gives an overview of Greco-Egyptian bilingualism, teasing out the specific Egyptian interferences taking place in addition to the larger patterns in the wider evolution of the Koine. Such questions also come to the fore in Coulter H. George’s chapter, but here the “interfering” languages are Hebrew and Aramaic and the bilingual context is not everyday interaction, but the translation of the biblical scriptures. George shows that the syntax of the Greek Old and New Testament reflects the patterns of the original text and language, over and above the features that it derives from the evolution of the language itself in the development of Koine.

Schmidhauser shows how the great grammarian Apollonius Dyscolus as well as the subsequent grammatical tradition are indebted to it in spite of some important semantic modifications. James Porter then offers a further account of what he calls the Greeks’ “metadiscursive grasp” of language. Expanding the fundamental idea that language can be broken down various levels into component parts, he speaks of a “componential analysis” of language, of which the stoicheion is the atomic building-block – indeed, he traces the concept to fifth-century BCE atomic physics.

Attic Avest. Avestan Bithyn. Bithynia Boe. Boeotian c. circa Capp. Cappadocia cent. century Cilic. Cilicia xxxvi Linguistic and Other Abbreviations Class. Classical Copt. Coptic Cret. Cretan Cyp. Cypriot d. died dat. dative Delph. Delphian Dor. Doric du. dual E. East E. Gk East Greek E. Ion. Gk Early Modern Greek ed(s). editor(s) Eg. Egyptian, Egypt El. Elean ep. epic Eub. Euboean exx. examples fem. feminine fl. floruit fragm. fragment fut. future fut. pf. future perfect Gal. Galatia GAves. Gathic Avestan gen.

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