A Complete Path for the Ocean of Profound Meaning by Tony Duff

By Tony Duff

“The whole course for the sea of Profound Meaning”, an intensive Liturgy for the Visualization tactics of the Mahamudra Preliminaries with a list of the main themes of the most Practice

There are a few branches of the Drukpa Kagyu and every has it personal liturgies for doing the initial practices (Tib. ngondro). The Kham (East Tibetan) culture of the Drukpa Kagyu, headed by way of the Khamtrul Rinpoches has a few those liturgies. although, the single composed by means of Kunga Tendzin, the 3rd Khamtrul Rinpoche is the single in most cases used. it's the liturgy used for instance at Tashi Jong in India, the present-day seat of Khamtrul Rinpoche.

The textual content of the liturgy was once translated into English through Lotsawa Tony on the request of Tsoknyi Rinpoche. it's a ordinary, Mahamudra kind preliminaries liturgy within which there are 4 units of 1 hundred thousand preliminaries to be performed. The liturgy is vast. Kunga Tenzin integrated loads of fabric in his liturgy and this makes it necessary as a reference for someone. for instance, the complete pushing aside perform performed with the perform of The Thirty-five Buddhas, and the Sutra of the 3 lots is contained in it. there's additionally an impressive guru yoga part for the Drukpa Kagyu, that is exceedingly appealing. there's additionally a pleasant selection of commitment prayers on the end.

The translation used to be performed by means of Lotsawa Tony in the course of a three-month consultation at Tsoknyi Rinpoche’s Ngedon Osel Ling in Nepal, whilst a wide staff of Drukpa Kagyu lamas and rinpoches of the East Tibetan culture accumulated jointly for a Drukpa Kagyu Dharma competition. the interpretation went very well and it was once in most cases felt that the poetic characteristics of the Tibetan got here out good into English, which used to be wonderful to all concerned.

The liturgy could be of distinct curiosity to all Drukpa Kagyu fans. greater than that, it may be of curiosity to somebody doing the initial practices.

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Dechen Dorje, Manjushri, Chokyi Nyima, the one named Kunzig, Jampel Dorje, Yeshe Drub, Grant that I see the inner essence. Drubgyu Nyima, the kind Lord, Supreme guide Dharmasara, Shaydrup Chokyi Nyinje, Grant that I see the inner essence. Yongdzin who knows all phenomena, The sixth one the great Tenpa’’i Nyima, Pervasive lord, the root guru, Grant that I see the inner essence. Second, the lineage gurus melt into light: Having supplicated the lineage gurus in that way, By the power of my devotion and the refuges’’ great love, In order to bless me they melt into light, In descending order and condense into the root guru.

The karmic obscurations which bring those about, whatever there are, all of them, in the presence of the buddha bhagavats, the ones who have wisdom, the ones who have the eye, the ones who are witness, the ones who know the measure, the all-knowing ones, the all-seeing ones, I hereby admit and lay aside. Nothing is concealed. Nothing is hidden. And, from this time on, I will sever such involvement and stay nicely within the vows. All of you buddha bhagavats, please consider me. In all of my and others’’ lives of cyclic existence, in this birth and the births which occur without beginning or end in cyclic existence: whatever roots of virtue there are from being generous to others, including giving just one mouthful of food to a being born as an animal; and whatever roots of 22 THE OCEAN OF PROFOUND MEANING virtue there are because I kept the disciplines; and whatever roots of virtue there are because I stayed in brahmacharya; and whatever roots of virtue there are because I fully ripened sentient beings; and whatever roots of virtue there are because I aroused the mind for supreme enlightenment; and whatever roots of virtue I have created for unsurpassable wisdom; all of these are collected and combined into one and, having massed them together, by completely dedicating them to the unsurpassed, and to the highest, and to that above even the highest, and to that surpassing even the unsurpassed, I hereby completely dedicate them to unsurpassable, perfect, complete enlightenment.

On the spacious throne, the Kagyu seat, Where the Great Vehicle teaching flourishes, I supplicate the great, kind thirteenth—— Grant your blessing that mind-itself, coemergence, be selfrecognized and, That in not accepting or rejecting whatever arises on the path, Appearance and existence may dawn as the three kayas. In the cave of great bliss, spacious and profound, Where by ripening and freeing fortunate ones are satisfied, I supplicate Jamyang Kunga Sengge—— Grant your blessing that mind-itself, coemergence, be selfrecognized and, That in not accepting or rejecting whatever arises on the path, Appearance and existence may dawn as the three kayas.

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