a review of the literature abstracted between July 1980 and by H Suschitzky; O Meth-Cohn; Great Britain. The Royal Society

By H Suschitzky; O Meth-Cohn; Great Britain. The Royal Society of Chemistry

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Chem. ,Chem. , 1980,499. E. Schaumann and H. Mrotzek, Tetrahedron, 1979,35, 1965. E. Schaumann, S. Grabley, M. Henriet, L. Ghosez, R. Touillaux, J. P. Declercq, G. Van Meerssche, J. Org. , 1980, 45, 2951. 38 Heterocyclic Chemistry \ FN /c=c=c \ Bu' NC But (274) CN A number of reactions of 2,2-dimethyl-3-phenylazirine(280) are shown in Scheme 17. g. g. 212 The imidazoles (285; R = Me, X = 0) (56%) and (285; R = Me2CH, X = S) N Reagents: i, PhCOMe, NaH, DMSO; i i , / \ C o , E t , Zn; iii, HF, pyridine; iv, RCONHOH; v, NH,CO,Et, MeOH for (285; R = M e , X = 0);vi, NH,SCN, Pr'OH for (285 ; R = Pr', X = S) Scheme 17 *" 212 A .

S. Gadaginamath, A. Kher, J. F. Malone, H. Yagi, and D. M. Jerina, J. Chem. ,Perkin Trans. 1, 1980, 2112. L. J. Boux, H. T. A. Cheung, G. M. Holder, and L. , 1980, 21, 2923. J. S. Valentine and A. B. Curtis, J. Am. Chem. ,1975, 97, 224. S. Oae and T. , 1980,21, 3689. T. Nagano, K. Arakane, and M. Hirobe, Chem. Pharm. , 1980,28, 3719. A. A. Frimer and P. , 1979, 4331. 86Thus epoxides (95; R' = R2 = H or Me), (95; R' = H, R2 = Pr' or Ph), and [95; R'R2 = (CH2)5]were produced, in 37-61% yield, by the reaction of (94) with complexes such as [CO(CN)~O~I-[(P~,P=)~N]'.

Maruyama and A. Osuka, J. Org. , 1980,45, 1898. K. Maruyama and H. Suzuki, J. Chem. , Chem. , 1980,723. K. Maruyama, A. Osuka, and H. Suzuki, Chem. , 1980,919. D. Avnir and J. Blum, J. Heterocycl. , 1980,17,1349. '^^ If the shorter wavelength of 254 nm was used, however, the exclusive product was (E)-(200). -Continued interest has been shown in the synthesis of cyclic carbonates (203; R', R2 = various alkyl substituents or H) by direct reaction of COz with oxirans. '62*163 Mixtures of Na, K, or Rb iodides with Mg, Al, Si, Ti, or Zr 160 16' 163 K.

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