Actinide Separations by James D. Navratil and Wallace W. Schulz (Eds.)

By James D. Navratil and Wallace W. Schulz (Eds.)

content material: Neptunium (V) anionic trade in sulfate-sulfuric acid recommendations / J. Rego, J. Garrison, and R. Carver --
restoration of plutonium lines from nitric acid-fluorhydric acid ideas by means of sorption onto alumina / J. Adroaldo De Araújo and Alcídio Abrão --
program of inorganic sorbents in actinide separations techniques / Wallace W. Schulz, John W. Koenst, and David R. Tallant --
Transplutonium parts creation software : extraction chromatographic technique for plutonium irradiated objectives / J. Bourges, C. Madic, and G. Koehly --
Plutonium peroxide precipitation : evaluation and present study / P.G. Hagan and F.J. Miner --
Actinide extractants : improvement, comparability, and destiny / R.R. Shoun and W.J. McDowell --
Demonstration of the opportunity of designing extractants with preselected extraction houses : attainable software to reactor gasoline reprocessing / G.W. Mason and H.E. Griffin --
Solvent extraction of transplutonium components from acid suggestions by means of polydentate impartial organophosphorus compounds and from alkaline recommendations by way of quarternary ammonium bases and through alkylpyrocatechols / B.F. Myasoedov, M.K. Chmutova, and Z.K. Karalova --
The extraction of uranium (VI) from sulphuric acid strategies via tri-n-octylphosphine oxide / Taichi Sato --
homes and makes use of of nitrogen and sulfur donors ligands in actinide separations / C. Musikas, G. Le Marois, R. Fitoussi, and C. Cuillerdier --
The "Cleanex" method : a flexible solvent extraction strategy for restoration and purification of lanthanides, americium, and curium / John E. Bigelow, Emory D. Collins, and Lester J. King --
Americium-curium separation through selective extraction of hexavalent americium utilizing a centrifugal contactor / C. Musikas, M. Germain, and A. Bathellier --
nationwide application for pyrochemical and dry processing of spent reactor gas / C.H. Bean and M.J. Steindler --
Pyrochemical coprocessing of uranium dioxide-plutonium dioxide LMFBR gasoline through the salt shipping technique / James B. Knighton and Charles E. Baldwin --
A nonaqueous reprocessing strategy for thorium-based fuels / J.K. Bates, L.J. Jardine, and M. Krumpelt --
AIROX dry pyrochemical processing of oxide fuels : a proliferation-resistant reprocessing process / L.F. Grantham, R.G. Clark, R.C. Hoyt, and J.R. Miller --
Molten salt oxidation-reduction approaches for gas processing / L.G. Morgan, L.L. Burger, and R.D. Scheele --
Photochemistry of the actinides / L.M. Toth, J.T. Bell, and H.A. Friedman --
software of photochemical strategies to actinide separation techniques / G.L. Depoorter and C.K. Rofer-Depoorter --
Plutonium partitioning tools in energy reactor gas reprocessing / Alfred Schneider and Barry G. Wahlig --
improvement of the electropulse column for uranium-plutonium partition within the AGNS reprocessing plant / A.F. Cermak and R.G. Spaunburgh --
Electroredox strategies for plutonium in energy reactor gasoline reprocessing / Franz Baumgärtner, Hubert Goldacker, and Helmut Schmieder --
The separation of uranium and plutonium via electrolytic relief within the purex procedure / He Jian-Yu, Zhang Qing-Xuan, and Lo Long-Jun --
experiences on actinides separation in JAERI / Tomitaro Ishimori --
Heavy point separation for thorium-uranium-plutonium fuels / G.R. provide, W.W. Morgan, K.K. Mehta, and F.P. Sargent --
advancements in thorium-uranium separation within the acid-thorex approach / Glen E. Benedict --
Actinide partitioning flowsheets / D.D. Tedder, B.C. Finney, and J.O. Blomeke --
Flowsheet improvement paintings on the Idaho Chemical Processing Plant for the partitioning of actinides from acidic nuclear waste / L.D. McIsaac, J.D. Baker, J.F. Krupa, D.H. Meikrantz, and N.C. Schroeder --
restoration of spinoff actinides from energy reactor fuels and construction of warmth resource isotopes / G. Koch --
Separation of actinides from purex-type excessive energetic waste raffinates : improvement of experimental reviews at JRC-ISPRA institution / L. Cecille, H. Dworschak, F. Girardi, B.A. Hunt, F. Mannone, and F. Mousty --
removing of americium and curium from high-level wastes / W.D. Bond and R.E. Leuze --
Americium restoration and purification at Rocky apartments / James D. Navratil, Larry L. Martella, and Gary H. Thompson --
The extraction of DBP and MBP from actinides : software to the restoration of actinides from TBP-sodium carbonate scrub answer / E.P. Horwitz, G.W. Mason, C.A.A. Bloomquist, R.A. Leonard, and G.J. Bernstein --
Dissolution of plutonium dioxide : a serious evaluation / Jack L. Ryan and Lane A. Bray --
fresh Savannah River event and improvement with actinide separations / M.C. Thompson, G.A. Burney, and J.M. McKibben --
Separation of long-lived [alpha]-emitters from hugely radioactive ideas within the thorium-uranium gasoline cycle / U. Wenzel, C.L. Branquinho, D. Herz, and G. Ritter --
Laboratory and pilot plant experiences on conversion of uranyl nitrate to uranium hexafluoride / I.J. Urza and D.C. Kilian --
Separation of actinides from excessive energetic waste through counter present ion migration / B.A. Bilal, F. Herrmann, okay. Metscher, B. Mühlig, Ch. Reichmuth, and B. Schwarz --
Polymolybdates as plutonium (IV) hosts / R.A. Penneman, R.G. Haire, and M.H. Lloyd.

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The e l u t i o n c u r v e s e x h i b i t a c o n s i ­ d e r a b l e t r a i l i n b o t h c a s e s . In the f i r s t experiment ( f i g u r e Q)a), n i t r i c e l u t i o n o f t h e c o l u m n r e v e a l s 24 % o f t h e i n i t i a l c u r i u m p r e s e n t w i t h a l l the l a n t h a n i d e s . T h i s r e t e n t i o n i s r e p e a t e d i n the second experiment ( f i g u r e Q ) b ) to a g r e a t e r e x t e n t : presence of two Cm p e a k s w i t h c o m p l e x a t i n g e l u t i o n .

T h i s r e t e n t i o n i s r e p e a t e d i n the second experiment ( f i g u r e Q ) b ) to a g r e a t e r e x t e n t : presence of two Cm p e a k s w i t h c o m p l e x a t i n g e l u t i o n . T h e s e o c c u r e n c e s c a n be a s c r i b e d to a slow *Cm d e s o r p t i o n r a t e . In these c o n d i t i o n s , t h i s high C m r e t e n t i o n p r o h i b i t s the use o f t h i s system f o r the q u a n ­ t i t a t i v e recovery of transplutonium elements. Furthermore, lactic s o l u t i o n s c o n t a i n i n g a l a r g e amount o f c u r i u m a n d l a n t h a n i d e s d e t e ­ r i o r a t e r a p i d l y under the a c t i o n of i n t e n s e r a d i o l y s i s : blackening o f t h e s o l u t i o n and a p p e a r e n c e o f p r e c i p i t a t e s .

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