Algebra and Trigonometry with Analytic Geometry, Classic by Earl Swokowski, Jeffery A. Cole

By Earl Swokowski, Jeffery A. Cole

The most recent version within the hugely revered Swokowski/Cole precalculus sequence keeps the weather that experience made it so well-liked by teachers and scholars alike: its exposition is apparent, the time-tested workout units function various purposes, its uncluttered format is beautiful, and the trouble point of difficulties is acceptable and constant. Mathematically sound, ALGEBRA AND TRIGONOMETRY WITH ANALYTIC GEOMETRY, vintage variation, 12E, successfully prepares scholars for extra classes in arithmetic via its first-class, time-tested challenge units

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Calculators may also use scientific form in the entry of numbers. The user’s manual for your calculator should give specific details. Before we conclude this section, we should briefly consider the issue of rounding off results. 1 Re a l N u m b e r s 13 tained by various types of measurements and, hence, are approximations to exact values. Such answers should be rounded off, since the final result of a calculation cannot be more accurate than the data that have been used. For example, if the length and width of a rectangle are measured to two-decimalplace accuracy, we cannot expect more than two-decimal-place accuracy in the calculated value of the area of the rectangle.

Note that the three monomials in the first polynomial were multiplied by each of the three monomials in the second polynomial, giving us a total of nine terms. Method 2 We list the polynomials vertically and multiply, leaving spaces for powers of x that have zero coefficients, as follows: 2x 3 ϩ 3x Ϫ 1 x2 ϩ 5x Ϫ 4 2x 5 ϩ 3x 3 Ϫ x 2 ϭ x 2͑2x 3 ϩ 3x Ϫ 1͒ 10x 4 ϩ 15x 2 Ϫ 5x ϭ 5x͑2x 3 ϩ 3x Ϫ 1͒ Ϫ 8x 3 Ϫ 12x ϩ 4 ϭ Ϫ4͑2x 3 ϩ 3x Ϫ 1͒ 2x 5 ϩ 10x 4 Ϫ 5x 3 ϩ 14x 2 Ϫ 17x ϩ 4 ϭ sum of the above In practice, we would omit the reasons (equalities) listed on the right in the last four lines.

H) The reciprocal of f is at most 14. ( i ) The absolute value of x is less than 4. Exer. 7–8: Express the statement as an inequality. 7 (a) x is negative. Exer. 9–14: Rewrite the number without using the absolute value symbol, and simplify the result. 9 (a) ͉ Ϫ3 Ϫ 2 ͉ (b) ͉ Ϫ5 ͉ Ϫ ͉ 2 ͉ (c) ͉ 7 ͉ ϩ ͉ Ϫ4 ͉ (c) q is less than or equal to ␲. 10 (a) ͉ Ϫ11 ϩ 1 ͉ (b) ͉ 6 ͉ Ϫ ͉ Ϫ3 ͉ (c) ͉ 8 ͉ ϩ ͉ Ϫ9 ͉ (d) d is between 4 and 2. 11 (a) ͑Ϫ5͉͒ 3 Ϫ 6 ͉ (b) ͉ Ϫ6 ͉͑͞Ϫ2͒ (c) ͉ Ϫ7 ͉ ϩ ͉ 4 ͉ (e) t is not less than 5.

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