Almost Free Modules: Set-Theoretic Methods by Paul C. Eklof

By Paul C. Eklof

This is often a longer therapy of the set-theoretic thoughts that have reworked the research of abelian crew and module idea over the past 15 years. a part of the publication is new paintings which doesn't seem in different places in any shape. moreover, a wide physique of fabric which has seemed formerly (in scattered and infrequently inaccessible magazine articles) has been generally remodeled and in lots of circumstances given new and better proofs. The set thought required is punctiliously built with algebraists in brain, and the independence effects are derived from explicitly said axioms. The publication includes routines and a advisor to the literature and is appropriate to be used in graduate classes or seminars, in addition to being of curiosity to researchers in algebra and good judgment.

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Now p ranges over K and v ( p ) ranges over X which is less than n, so there exists v E X such that v = v(p) for n many p’s - which is exactly the claim. $ F } , and let W = S\ U{Sp”:p f I } . Notice that, for fixed v , the Sp” are pairwise disjoint. Let p be the first element of I ; let S, = SL U W ; and for p E I \ { p } , let Sp = SF. Then S = UpE~Sp is the desired decomposition. 0 If n is a regular uncountable cardinal which is a successor cardinal, then every stationary subset of K can be partitioned into K disjoint stationary subsets.

Indeed, given a: = (. . ,z, p"R,. ) E &,, we define r, inductively so that for all in, z, C n < m rnp" E P"R* k pis also the completion of R(pl,the localization of R at pR, equipped with the padic topology. If R = Z, the ring Z, is called the ring of p-adic integers; its additive group is denoted J p . d. R. The completion of R, k , is isomorphic to lim(R/rR, 7rr,t: r, t E R ) where r r , t : R / r R + t R/tR is the obvious surjection if r R 2 tR. Then. fi inherits a ring structure (as well as a topological structure) from the direct product structure on R/rR.

1 9. If K 10. Prove that an abelian group A is &-free if and only if A can be embedded in a reduced power Z'/F where F is wl-complete. 8). 1 11. If there is a measurable cardinal, then there is an w-measurable cardinal K such that there are exactly K wl-complete ultrafilters on K . ] 12. Suppose K is a measurable cardinal. (i) For any subset X of K of cardinality K there is a K-complete ultrafilter on K which contains X . (ii) There is a subset S of P ( K )such that S has cardinality 2" and for every X # Y in S, IX n YI < K [cf.

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