American Curves (Swimsuits 2011)

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But, if you base your self-image on what a partner says, what are you going to do when that partner’s gone, when their opinions change, or even when they’re having a hard day and focused on things besides what you look like? 9. Do unto others. Imagine how you might feel if, a couple of times during the day, someone walked up to you and said, “Hey, you’ve got a beautiful 9. Do unto others. Imagine how you might feel if, a couple of times during the day, someone walked up to you and said, “Hey, you’ve got a beautiful smile,” or “That was a great presentation you just gave,” or “That skirt you made is really cool.

On both your own body and that of a partner there are so many parts to explore and appreciate, beyond the parts our culture sexualizes. What parts of your own body, when you touch them, expose them, or put them in the limelight, make you feel sexy? Beyond what you think looks best, what feels best when touched, what parts are most sensitive, what parts do you like to touch with? What parts feel most uniquely you? Our bodies certainly have more value and function than merely being sexual. But when they ARE sexual—by ourselves or with others—and when we bring all of our senses to the table and serve ’em what’s sexy by our own standards, we can create a sexuality that is authentically our own, one that not only wards off bad body image, but celebrates our bodies to the fullest.

In our teens and twenties, when there’s often so much added focus from peers and parents on how we look, that’d be nearly impossible to do, even if we wanted to. People are amazing critters, bodies are beautiful to look at, and visual sexual attraction and appearance are parts of our physical nature—but only part. Our bodies enable us to do everything we do each day: to go to work or school, to build cities, make art, and create cultural movements, to enjoy a stack of steaming pancakes or a swim in the sea, to nurture families and friends, to live out our whole lives, enjoying and accomplishing all the things we do.

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