An Evolutionist Deconstructs Creationism by Arndt von Hippel

By Arndt von Hippel

Regardless of a hundred and fifty years of religion-based attacks upon the sciences that maintain our technological civilization, the explanatory and predictive powers of recent Evolution idea became key to cutting edge advances in agriculture, biology, chemistry, desktop technological know-how, ecology, geology, infectious ailments, paleontology, psychology, and lots of different fields. So the query evidently arises- may well Evolution idea open the way in which for a rational research of creationist claims to absolute fact, usual legislation and divine assistance? strangely adequate, the answer's "Yes!"

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However, until that allegedly divine source of religious insight is identified and confirmed, a reasonable person might expect creationists to stop making authoritative pronouncements based upon their discredited King James version. An objective person might even anticipate that creationists would withdraw all previous dogmatic declarations based upon such a sinful, hence fallible, source. But reasonable people forget what religious fundamentalism is about namely, winning and retaining power. So despite our Constitutional separation of Church and State - and the newfound fallibility of their Bible Christian extremists still claim, but cannot document, a God-given right to decide every educational and moral issue in His name, as well as a God-given right to intrude upon the privacy of the great majority who believe differently.

In marked contrast, fundamentalist Jews, Christians and Muslims (those with less faith than the pope) - continue to attack or ignore all scientific findings that show their religion to be based upon outmoded information which always was untrue. Of course, religious fundamentalists have learned through bitter experience to stay away from science. For it takes a lifetime of hard work to acquire a solid understanding of science. And though relatively few creationists have shown enough proficiency and persistence to acquire a good scientific education, the outcome of that effort has too often been an abandonment of religious fundamentalism.

That bias could also explain the widely presumed prevalence of homosexuals and the alleged high incidence of AIDS, as well as the remarkable tolerance for pederasts - within the present-day priesthood. E. Lawrence. On the other hand, their anti-family stance saved early Church Fathers from organizational difficulties of the sort that confronted hereditary Hebrew priests (too many entitled descendents - all from the same ethnic group), which might have endangered the Christian Church’s future expansion and patronage.

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