An Introduction to the Theory of Knowledge by Noah Lemos

By Noah Lemos

Epistemology or the idea of information is likely one of the cornerstones of analytic philosophy, and this ebook presents a transparent and obtainable advent to the topic. It discusses the various major theories of justification, together with foundationalism, coherentism, reliabilism, and advantage epistemology. different themes comprise the Gettier challenge, internalism and externalism, skepticism, the matter of epistemic circularity, the matter of the criterion, a priori wisdom, and naturalized epistemology. meant basically for college kids taking a firstclass in epistemology, this lucid and well-written textual content may additionally offer a superb advent for someone attracted to figuring out extra approximately this crucial zone of philosophy.

Part of the Cambridge Introductions to Philosophy sequence.

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Again, we cannot say simply that if one has some evidence for a proposition, then one is justified in believing it. The evidence that one has might be defeated by one’s other information. 7 Suppose you go to a party and you learn that (h): Most of the people in the room are Democrats and John is in the room. We may say that h is evidence for (i) John is a Democrat. But now suppose you learn that (j): Most of the people on the right side of the room are not Democrats and John is on the right side of the room.

Suppose for example that Brown’s injuries, though severe, are not life threatening, and that Jones has promised to meet Smith at noon in order to pay a ransom that will save the lives of several hostages. Thus, if r defeats the requirement for q imposed by p, there might be further features that defeat r as a defeater for the requirement for q. 21 2 The traditional analysis and the Gettier problem In the last chapter we considered the view that knowledge is epistemically justified true belief. In this chapter, we shall consider some counterexamples to the justified true belief (JTB) account and consider some attempts to repair the definition of knowledge in light of these examples.

Defending the traditional JTB account of knowledge by rejecting one or both of Gettier’s presuppositions about justification does not appear to be a promising approach. The philosophical literature is rich, however, with other sorts of approaches. Some philosophers have focused on the justification requirement for knowledge. ’’ According to this idea, a Gettier case involves justified true belief, but the subject’s justification is in some way ‘‘defective’’ or not the right sort to yield knowledge.

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