An Island Archaeology of the Early Cyclades by Cyprian Broodbank

By Cyprian Broodbank

This publication makes use of comparative island archaeology to reinterpret an essential section in early Aegean heritage. Cyprian Broodbank provides the 1st smooth research of Cycladic tradition, tracing the improvement of Neolithic and Early Bronze Age societies in those islands from first colonisation via to incorporation, 3 millennia later, on this planet method of the Minoan palaces and the broader close to East. The archaeology of this sector is wealthy and good documented, and permits Dr Broodbank to reformulate early Cycladic background and to set up distinct examples that problem tested techniques to island archaeology. He exhibits that islanders can actively outline their cultural house and environments, and that their groups are associated via complicated relatives to the non-insular international. This e-book presents clean views and demanding situations for island archaeologists and Mediterranean experts.

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This is 'common sense', which itself bifurcates into two strands. One is the assumption that the sense to be made of the early Cyclades is one common to that of other areas, both adjacent and further afield. The other employs the term in its idiomatic usage, namely the assumption that it is possible to grasp how things once were in the early Cyclades by recourse to experiences and modes of explanation that appear common-sensical to us. These usages between them encompass the approaches adopted by the two major works of synthesis that we An island archaeology of the early Cyclades 56 need to address: Renfrew's The Emergence of Civilisation: The Cyclades and the Aegean in the Third Millenniwn BC (1972) and Barber's The Cyclades in the Bronze Age (1987).

These developments have been the subject of a recent investigation by Gill and Chippindale (1993), who trace·the intellectual and archaeological implications of current esteem for Cycladica to their at best dubious, and at worst disastrous, conclusions. Three consequences of this esteem invite exploration. The first concerns the archaeological record, the second, Cycladica's role in contemporary culture, and the third, the formation of an alternative agenda for the archaeology of the early Cyclades in some recent scholarly circles.

As might be expected, in response to Cycladica's establishment as a symbol of aesthetic discernment and social status, an inverse consumer-driven process is becoming increasingly apparent: the descent of Cycladica through commodification and the adoption of figurines as pop-icons (fig. 9). From the originals, through tasteful replicas, to tourist junk and even soap bars, Cycladica are spiralling rapidly down-market into kitsch. We can identify several ways in which the rise of 'sensibility' presents in effect an alternative, influential and, in certain respects, profoundly disturbing programme for Cycladic studies.

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