Antenna Impedance Matching by Wilfred N. Caron

By Wilfred N. Caron

Antenna Impedance Matching is easily written and coupled to its audience. using graphs is great. The charts are worthy. The reader can discover ways to fit an antenna utilizing this e-book. courses from the ARRL are continuously a discount.

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32 indicate that high thermal thermal achieved only for substrates with stoichiometric or stoichiometric As-rich compositions. Sheet resistance is observed to decrease dramatically, and and conduction be- conduction comes p-type with increasing Ga composition, annealing composition, time, and probaand bly annealing temperature. Interestingly, temperature. , yield 2 lo7 2 n-conduction after a standard standard 860°C/15-min 860°C/1 encapsulated anneal), although it is it clear that further reducfurther tion in sheet resistance occurs with prolonged annealing.

Closely Thespaced The striations in striations the low-resistivity, the n-type material material (Fig. 1, - introduced from introduced the the SiO, crucible) due to fluctuations in fluctuations microscopic growth rate. rate. An even greater axially striated striated impurity impurity distrib and greater microscopic inhomogeneity is expected in Cr-doped GaAs GaAs because of the very the low segregation coefficient of chromium (k, chromium 6X 6X lo4). These investigations suggest that that further further optimization of the the thermal optimization thermal distributions distributions large-volume in in LEC melts is crucial to the the development of developm large-diameter GaAs crystals GaAs with highly uniform uniform properties a microproperties on o scopic as well as macroscopic scale.

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