As Long As Space Endures: Essays on the Kalacakra Tantra in by Edward A. Arnold

By Edward A. Arnold

The Kalachakra Tantra--Kalachakra potential wheel of time--is a practice of Buddhist thought and perform whose root textual content treats a stupendous expanse of data starting from observations of the cosmos to investigations of meditative states and very important physically energies. within the Tibetan-speaking international, a public Kalachakra initiation continues to be the main sought-after eveny within the lifetime of a religious Buddhist. The Fourteenth Dalai Lama has lengthy had a powerful reference to the Kalachakra Tantra and taken the initiation to the West in 1981, acting it within the united states, Switzerland, Spain, and Australia. This quantity has been created to rejoice his lengthy involvement with the Kalachakra teachings.

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The Blessed] now shows how only emission (cyuti) is, by an indirect way, the cause of transmigration: 139. From emission is born dispassion, From dispassion, suffering is born, From suffering is born, for humans, the ruin of the elements, and From ruin, as it was handed down, death. 140. From death, a new existence [arises] from it, again from it [comes] death And still again, emission. t h e n a t u r e o f t h e s u p r e m e i m m u t a b l e w i s d o m i n t h e s e k o d d e Śa 33 Thus, for beings, phenomenal existence Proceeds only from the birth of dispassion, not otherwise.

121. He’s the one pounding with a hundred clubs in his hands, He’s the dancer with a pounding-down of his feet; He’s the one with glory, the user of a hundred (user) hands, The dancer across (the sectors used in) the expanse of the sky. 122. He’s the one standing on the surface of the maṇḍala of the earth, Pressing down on the surface with a single foot; He’s the one standing on the nail of his large toe, Pressing down on the tip of Brahmā’s (egg-like) world. 123. He’s the singular item, the item regarding phenomena that’s nondual, He’s the deepest (truth) item, (the imperishable powerful lord,) the one that lacks what’s fearful; He’s the item with a variety of revealing forms, The one that has a continuity of mind and of partitioning consciousness.

The cause [consisting, as it is seen, in emptiness], is sealed (mudrita) by the result, that is to say, by the bliss devoid of impurity (anāśrava). It has the form of bliss—also because by its very nature, it is bliss. 33 [Cause and result therefore are] both characterized by emptiness and compassion, so that the [Blessed] says: 3 giacomella orofino 147. Emptiness, which holds the image, is the cause, and Compassion, which holds the immutable, is the result. The unity of emptiness and compassion Is the nonemitted bodhicitta.

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