Ciba Foundation Symposium 109 - Mucus and Mucosa

Chapter 1 creation (pages 1–3): A. Silberberg
Chapter 2 law of Secretion from Serous and Mucous Cells within the Trachea (pages 4–19): C.B. Basbaum
Chapter three rules of Intestinal Goblet Cells in situ, in Mucosal Explants and within the remoted Epithelium (pages 20–39): Marian R. Neutra, Teresa L. Phillips and Thomas E. Phillips
Chapter four Airway Mucus: Composition and legislation of its Secretion through Neuropeptides in vitro (pages 40–60): Stephen J. Coles, ok. R. Bhaskar, Donna Defeudis O'Sullivan, Kenneth H. Neill and Lynne M. Reid
Chapter five Acute and persistent versions for Hypersecretion of Intestinal Mucin (pages 61–71): J. Forstner, N. Roomi, R. Fahim, G. Gall, M. Perdue and G. Forstner
Chapter 6 Proteinases unlock Mucin from airlines Goblet Cells (pages 72–93): Thomas F. Boat, Pi Wan Cheng, Jeffrey D. Klinger, Carole M. Liedtketi and Bernard Tandler
Chapter 7 a few features of Duodenal Etithelium (pages 94–108): Gunnar Flemstrom and Andrew Garner
Chapter eight Fluid delivery throughout Airway Epithelia (pages 109–120): J. H. Widdicombe
Chapter nine a few Non?Mucin parts of Mucus and their attainable organic Roles (pages 121–136): John R. Clamp and J. Michael Creeth
Chapter 10 Mucus Glycoprotein constitution, Gel Formation and Gastrointestinal Mucus functionality (pages 137–156): Adrian Allen, David A. Hutton, Jeffrey P. Pearson and Lynda A. Sellers
Chapter eleven Macromolecular homes and Polymeric constitution of Mucus Glycoproteins (pages 157–172): Ingemar Carlstedt and John okay. Sheehan
Chapter 12 results of the Anti?Oestrogens, Clomiphene and Tamoxifen, at the Cervical think about girl Infertility (pages 173–179): Max Elstein and Gillian M. Fawcett
Chapter thirteen Terminal Glycosylation in Human Cervical Mucin (pages 180–195): E. N. Chantler and P. R. Scudder
Chapter 14 Comparative stories of Mucus and Mucin Physicochemistry (pages 196–211): Mitchell Litt
Chapter 15 Hydration Kinetics of Exocytosed Mucins in Cultured Secretory Cells of the Rabbit Trachea: a brand new version (pages 212–234): Pedro Verdugo
Chapter sixteen final feedback (pages 235–236): A. Silberberg

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Am J Anat 144:39-56 Cheng H, Leblond C P 1974 Origin, differentiation and renewal o f the four main epithelial cell types in the mouse small intestine. Am J Anat 141:461-562 Cornell R , Padykula H A 1969 A cytological study of intestinal absorption in the suckling rat. Am J Anat 125:291-316 Downing SW, Salo WL, Spitzer RH. Koch E A 1981 'The hagfish slime gland: a model system for studying the biology o f mucus. Science (Wash DC) 214:1143-1145 Etzler ME, Branstrator ML I974 Differential localization of cell surface and secretory components in rat intestinal epithelium by use 0 1 lectins.

If we could maintain the isolated epithelium longer, we could determine whether translocation and secretion of REGULATION OF INTESTINAL GOBLET CELLS 33 radiolabelled granules occurs in the absence of nerve endings and other components of the lamina propria. Kent: Your initial slides showed the labelling of the goblet cell contents using tagged glucosamine, which monitors post-translational biochemistry. Does the same pattern emerge if you use labelled sulphate as a post post-translational monitor or alternatively if you use labelled amino acid as an immediate translational signal?

REGULATION OF INTESTINAL GOBLET CELLS 27 To determine whether transmitters from endogenous mucosal nerves can elicit secretion from goblet cells throughout the crypts, we mounted fullthickness sheets of rat ileum and colon in modified Ussing chambers and exposed them to an electrical current delivered from the mucosal side. 1 to 10Hz for 1 to 15min. 1 Hz for 15 min or 1OHz for 5 min was sufficient to cause mucus secretion from crypt goblet cells in the area between the electrodes. Prior treatment of the mucosa with 500nM-tetrodotoxin (a specific inhibitor of neuronal Na+ channels) abolished the response, indicating that transmitters released from mucosal nerves were necessary.

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