Embedded system development and labs for ARM by Muresan R.

By Muresan R.

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Action after connected: There are three ways for selection: ¾ None -- No actions after the IDE connected to target. ¾ Auto download – After the IDE is connected to the target, the file will be automatically downloaded to the board. ¾ Command script -- After the IDE is connected to the target, a script file will be executed first. Figure 2-35 Debug General Settings 2) Download Settings Download settings page is shown in Figure 2-36. ● Download file: Symbol file name and its directory. Symbol file includes debug information.

There is a Reset button on the development board. You may press down this button to reset the system. 768KHz crystal oscillator and power supply circuit. The JTAG connection electric circuit is shown in Figure 2-24. It is 20 pins standard JTAG connection circuit. JTAG20 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 GND 20 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 19 VDD33 VDD33 TDI TMS TCK TDI TMS TCK GND TDO nRESET TDO nRESET R52 10K R53 10K R54 10K R55 10K VDD33 Figure 2-24 JTAG Interface Circuit Diagram 14. Switches and Status Indicate Lights SW1 is the power switch of the entire development board.

Therefore TSP has 4 terminals. Its connection is shown in Figure 2-22. When the system is in the sleep mode, Q4, Q2, Q3 are closed and Q1 is opened. When the screen is touched, X axial surface resistance and Y axial surface resistance is opened at the touch point. Since the resistance value is very 43 Embedded Systems Development and Labs; The English Edition small (about several hundred ohms), a low level is gained at EXINT2, which generates an interrupt signal to the MCU. The MCU causes Q2, Q4 to be opened and Q1, Q3 to be closed through controlling I/O ports.

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